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Thread: Recycling Center [Merged]

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    Recycling Center, Printing Shop and Other Buildings

    Hello everyone. I'm from Montevideo, Uruguay. I'm the proud mayor of a beautiful town called "La Mano Generosa" (in Spanish: "The Generous Hand") and at this moment I'm about to reach level 55. My co-op, at this moment, is "Alexandria".

    These are my suggestions:


    - Recycling Center: I imagine a building with conveyor belts, where plastic bottles, paper and other materials enter and leave. It must have a large green recycling symbol on one side.
    - Radio Station: If you can have a TV station, why not have a radio station too?


    -Headstones: I think a decoration like this would give a little more realism to the city. To respect your prohibition of adding any worship place or symbol to the game, I suggest that the tombstones are simply rectangular (or ogee top, oval, arc, oval with shoulders), instead of having the shape of a cross or any other religious symbol.
    -Solar Energy Panels: You can build a hydroelectric power plant as a community building and buy wind turbines as decoration. So I propose to add another ecological source of energy to the game. You could add a solar power plant as a community building or small individual panels as decoration.
    -Palacio Salvo: Some very beautiful buildings from all over the world are available as decoration (Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Sphinx of Giza, for example). As a Uruguayan, I think it would be very nice to add the Salvo Palace, which is a beautiful and emblematic building of my country.


    -Printing Shop: I think that the books should be produced by a printing shop and not by the paper factory. In addition, this new factory would also print magazines and newspapers.
    -Tea Factory or more types of tea in Beverage Factory: Tea is a beverage as consumed as coffee, and that's why I find it strange that there is not a factory especially for this drink (as there is for coffee). If you cannot create a tea factory, I propose that the beverage factory produce hot tea (normal tea) in addition to iced tea.

    At the moment I have no more suggestions. Thank you, and best regards to all of you.

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    I really like the idea od the recycling plant, would be good if items made could be broken down/recycled for other materials

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    I second badshot_666's reply.

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    Recycling Plant to regain raw materials

    How many times have we made a batch of something to use up raw materials to gain barn space, only to need the raw materials for something else?
    I think it would be really neat to have a recycling plant where we can turn items back into the materials they are made of

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    Idea of New Factory

    I want to share my suggestion regarding a new factory called "Recycle Factory" which produces raw materials from products...

    for example,

    1)Plastics factory -> Plastic Chair -> Recycle Factory -> Plastic.

    2) Furniture Factory -> Stool -> Recycled Factory -> Pine trees

    The Recycled Factory also promotes less use of materials in real life....and all your followers will know how important the material is....

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    In the real world you don't use a whole tree to get a single stick for a single ice cream product on a stick.

    Once a tree is cut is cut into wood parts you can't get a full tree back.

    Also in real world the beach balls I've seen are made from plastic & heat welded together ( no glue.)

    A recycling center could be a factory but what you get out would be different from what was used to make an item. ( Recycle food you get either compost or rotting food. Plastic chair you might get back less plastic than was used to make it. Some things you might get back only part of what made it ... Things with metal the delicate parts might have to be destroyed to re-refine the ingots out.)

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    Well, at least we're not asking to feed in a cake and get eggs, sugar, and milk back out

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    I wanna put bacon in and get pigs back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevada View Post
    I wanna put bacon in and get pigs back.
    Hmm, would you get whole pigs tho, or just a pair of disembodied (yet somehow alive) piggy bumcheeks that eventually regrew the rest of the pig, since their behind is all they appear to give up? Or what if Tedium is right and you just got the one single cheek back? Troubling, on many levels..

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    Deconstruction Unit

    Some times it take a long time to make new raw products (silk tree, rubber tree, or yoghurt, etc) so if you have any product in your barn, you can put it in the dreconstruction unit and it will take it apart and give you back all the product it is made of. EXAMPLE. If you out the pizza in the unit you would get back 1 cheese, 2 wheat and 2 tomatoes. The point of this is instead of having to remake these products, some of which may take lots of time you can deconstruct a product you have made. EXAMPLE. If you put a suit in the unit and got back 1 yarn, 1 cotton fabric and 1 silk fabric, you could then put the silk fabric in and get two silk tree back. The timing for deconstruction should take less than the time it takes to make the item in the first place but also determined by what you get back after deconstruction.

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