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Thread: Warehouse for factories

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    Warehouse for factories

    My idea is a warehouse for all the factories, that way we have more space in our town. It could be a building to be built? Right TS? A warehouse to hold all the factories in one place. Think of how many factories there are and not enough space for all of them, and I know some people just dont building the factories cause they dont have space for them. So a warehouse to hold all the factories would be a great idea in my opinion!


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    Each factory provides individual service to certain products as well as a different look for each...which personally I like.

    So...Just how would this work exactly? And what would happen to the uniqueness of each building?

    My personal opinion...I wouldn't care for it...but that is just me.

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    I agree Twilight,... Not for me either.

    The factories are a huge part of the game and the design for the town.
    To place them all in one building would not be practical for either.

    We have to remember the game is based around Farming, Housing, and Factories. Fir which there is plenty of space.
    It's our designs and preferences to use space for decorations, and trying to create as unique and pretty town as we can.
    So we need to accommodate the games functionality with our own ideas. Unfortunately for that we never have enough space.

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