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Thread: 06.10 Share Your FEEDBACK!

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    I’d like to echo much of what is being said here in that I really enjoy all the little animations that bring my town to life. I’ve also noticed all the recent attention that has been given to community opinion which is so nice and very much appreciated. As a player I feel that my opinion matters and holds some form of weight. I love how creative the yacht club decorations have been thus far and also enjoyed the newest event decorations specifically the dock. I am a fan of the new edit mode though it took some working around to get used to.

    That being said I wish the hide all button was readily available in the new edit mode also there was a lag when it came to planting my crops. Other than that everything seemed to run smoothly.

    As far as improvements are concerned I feel quite strongly that it’s time to change up the type and style of the monthly events. After having played for a year now I’ve played every type of event at least four times and that’s the one aspect of the game that I think can be really improved upon. That and I would LOVE if we had more smaller housing options and less requirement for the large bulky apartment buildings.

    Anyways that’s my take and at the end of the day I’m just thankful that the devs have provided such a magnificently beautiful game!
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    I also love the addition of people added to the deck chairs. I really like being able to access my saved decs when in edit mode as well.

    From a while back I didn't like the change which stopped us placing deck chairs and tikki bar in the zoo. I check after every update to see if this has been altered back, but am starting to give up hope.

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    This feedback might need to be moved; I'll leave that to moderator discretion.
    First, I am constantly pleased with the blend of updates as they come out.
    As others, waiting for new ZOO animals - can we be told definitely if the Zoo is maxed out or if there are plans for more enclosures?
    Enjoy the variety of mini games/events, but miss the chance for team versus team competition. How about a MINI-GOLF type of event, with foursomes going against each other, even from within the same co-ops? We haven't have a golf-type mini game which I can recall.
    Thanks for reading my 2 cents!
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    Town Level: 177; Zoo: 188/188.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anna
    Hey, Townshippers!

    OPINIONS WANTED! 🙌 With the new update of the game being on its way, tell us what you’ve enjoyed or would’ve altered in the current one 😎✨

    Comment away, guys!

    Hey!!!! We voted!!!!! We won!!!!!! Where is our interactive hardware store!!!!!!!😕 We need to get co-op storage and a faster way to upgrade barns and zoos!!!!!!!😊

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    So, I just got the canine center recently, and I cannot believe there is not a dog. Seriously, it needs a dog. Or two.

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    Since I got the latest update (Halloween stuff), Township has crashed for me. I use a MacAir (OX 10.7) and I have uninstalled and reinstalled many times since then. I just keep getting an error message. It's not even going to the loading page anymore. Is there anything else that I can do?

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    Bring back the blue background for your friends. Everything is sand/tan color now.

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    The keyboard has changed since the last update. The paste button and writing line is gone. The language correction is hidden. You must before you type first click on de globel ball to get the correcton line. Please change that back.

    The colors on the friendlist is changed. Now are the ingame friends tan and Game center friend blue.

    Also the new button next to the coop members that for op out in the regatta is very dangerous on that place.
    The option to make this possible is very good but you have to watch out a lot if you want to go from the coop to the town of your coop member.

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    Wäre schön wenn wir mal in den Zoo auch gehn könnten bei anderen Spielern

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    Quote Originally Posted by Margit Stark View Post
    Wäre schön wenn wir mal in den Zoo auch gehn könnten bei anderen Spielern
    Das kannst Du schon machen Margit. Wenn Du eine andere Stadt besucht, klicke auf den Zoo, und Du sollst dorthin gehen können

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