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Thread: Gardenscapes and your ever depleting bank account!

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    Gardenscapes and your ever depleting bank account!

    Whilst I think that Gardenscapes is a very good match three game I have also found it is very expensive to play. You are not able to proceed without buying boosters. This in itself is bad enough when there are many match three games that are totally free to play, but when you have purchased your boosters, the game puts them in the worst possible places to begin. I find that my bombs are generally put right next to each other which is a total waste of one bomb. I've also noticed that when you grow a bonsai tree, it is incredibly difficult to achieve free game play without spending a fortune. I managed to get two hours' free gameplay yesterday and during those two hours I only won two games. I'm getting fed up with having to spend a fortune and will be looking out for other games to play in future. It is a shame as it is a good game, it's just a pity that the developers are so greedy!

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    There are some difficult levels, i agree, but there are plenty of players out there who enjoy the challenge of completing levels without using boosters.
    Also, you should know that if you don't like the initial placement of boosters on the board, you can restart the level, as long as you don't make any moves. Just press the 'back' button on your device, and it will take you back to the garden. Select again the boosters you want to use and they will be placed in a different position each time.
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    I'm afraid I agree with Ann65, I am finding the game increasingly greedy if you want to pass levels. The challenge of beating levels without boosters becomes boring after the 20th or 30th attempt. Various issues for me in addition to those mentioned: the new decor catalogue; I keep getting notes instead of coins but it hasn't been updated for weeks so I can't use them, I don't get the special offers I used to and you used to get boosters as well as free time with the orangery flowers.

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    I have the feeling that the developers have given up on the game. For 10 days I haven't seen any new levels, no new events, just the key chest (which is senseless).

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    I agree with ann65. Although I thoroughly enjoy some of the levels as they are challenging and I can play them over and over to finally win; there are those levels that are totally frustrating. It becomes not so much skill to overcome things, but sheer blind luck. Those games that only give you matches in areas that do not help you advance through the game can become very, very frustrating. Even with the use of boosters, which can become very wasteful when you don't even advance with the help of those. I do notice that "blind luck" gets easier if I happen to purchase a package. THAT is frustrating.

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    In the past I have enjoyed the game and the challege of solving the different levels. But now I agree with tshindo--I win more by blind luck than by skill. I miss winning by skill. Blind luck has taken out all of the fun. I am at level 3027 and I am getting nowhere. I had 30 minutes of unlimited turns and I have used a spinner 2 times and the bombs once, but no luck. I didn`t even get close. I do not like having to play the same level over and over again--it gets boring. I am not sure how much longer I will continue with the game.

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    I used to really enjoy events because you could often win boosters. Now events are extremely hard to win I think. I have resigned myself to just playing to play and with not much aim at an event win. Unlimited lives are nor very motivating anyway and that is the bulk of prizes now. I realize you get boosters in magic hats etc but you cannot control your use of them. The only event I really still enjoy is the dog training because you can usually at least win the first level.I do still spend money mainly to get over a level I am realy not enjoying. Also while there must be some randomness to the game I am convinced now not so much because you get almost impossible boards that prevent you from progressing very fast until the event is over even if you use tons of boosters.I think if you want to enjoy it you just have to accept all of this.

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    May I ask you which platform you are playing on? I'm on PC/Mac and since October 3 there hasn't been anything new going on. No new levels (I'm at 3061), no dog training, no bonsai. Just key chest and the fireworks. Obviously no chance to gain stars in order to improve the garden.
    Have contacted the support and asked what the situation was. The more experienced users probably know what kind of answer I have received... Bla bla working always on new levels, no fixed schedule bla bla
    Considering the profit playrix is making with gardenscapes the user support is lousy (to put it mildly).

    Dreadnought is the only good exception to the playrix rule. As dread's not a part of the staff (I believe), this tells a lot about the corporate culture.

    I have to say I'm very disappointed.

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    Android tablet but am only on level 1680.

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    So, I play on an IOS tablet and am at level 3164 (10-16-18). You mean Android users are not getting new levels? Yes, support needs to respond as if it cares.

    But, as far as the ever depleting bank account, it is true. I’m not sure why in the world I would be so obsessed with a game, and I think I need to stop this nonsense. It’s crazy to “worry” about being demoted, like I was recently because I didn’t collect enough apples to maintain my league.

    I think that the developers have employed new staff members to design the new levels. Never have I used so many coins and/or boosters to complete a level as I have in the last few months.

    As far as the keys are concerned, I definitely learned my lesson on those.

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