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Thread: Gardenscapes and your ever depleting bank account!

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    No, I think Catcat just said at which he/she is at the moment - not that level 1680 is where the Android version stops.

    I, however, am stuck at level 3061 since there haven't been new ones introduced for more than two weeks now. My platform is MacOS.

    Currently I only open the game to get the wheel bonus and to have one try at key chest stage 10/15. Guess what, even Austin's lines are the same every single day!

    There will either be a major update for the MacOS version coming in some time or, which I think is more likely to be the case, the development of 'my' version has been terminated without any notice from the side of playrix.

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    Why have they stopped giving coins ? First we woul get 1000 coins after completing the first stage of dog training and now no coins. Why ? And also please increase the winning amount of coins from 100 to 126 that's the max you get after completing any level to 500 coins

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