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Thread: 03.10 Creating a New Area: Construction

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    03.10 Creating a New Area: Construction

    Hi, everyone! We’re back with our final piece about creating garden areas. Now that the art and narrative are ready, it's time for the construction phase! Let’s take a closer look!

    This final phase is carried out by a highly skilled team of narrative and game designers. They're responsible for all the technical aspects and behavior of the characters.

    The team starts off by creating a mockup of the area using the concepts they’ve received. The mockup is of an area that's still locked — one of those shadowy places that you see at the edge of the garden — but that's also been cleared of all the debris. The game designers remove the ruins from the area to figure out whether there’s enough space for all the new items and whether the new area goes well with the other ones nearby. Most of the problems they face at this stage are usually related to landscape.

    The river in the picture below was supposed to flow in a different direction, but it didn't go well with the concept. In situations like this, the team needs to make adjustments. Here they had to turn the river slightly so that it didn’t cross the area. Once this step is complete, the team ruins the garden all over again and works on transforming the decorations from their initial sorry state to their final glory.

    Once the Gardenscapes team approves the mock-up, the game designers examine how this all works towards character development, and whether it's consistent with the storyline or not. If something isn’t right, the team adjusts the area and makes a new mockup.

    This is where our behavior specialists step in. While the game designers are responsible for all the inanimate objects (the trees, fences, etc.), behavior specialists give the game depth and soul. They teach our characters to talk, interact with each other, perform various actions, and react to changes in the garden by putting them in the proper locations and adding gestures. It may seem like an easy task: Just put Austin on a stage and add a bit of animation…

    …but sometimes weird things happen. Are items flattening themselves out onto the ground when they get tapped? Been there, done that! Is Austin walking on water? Don't worry, it’s just a glitch! At least that’s the official explanation, but, who knows, maybe the rumors about Austin being Superbutler are true When the system acts up, and things in the game don’t behave the way they should, the whole team has a lot of fun figuring out what went wrong!

    Before players get to see a new area it has to meet the approval of the big boss. At this point, everything is ready: the art, texts, voiceover, and special effects. Usually, there aren't any big changes at this stage, but there have been cases of major overhauls. The Cascades area, for example, was reconstructed three times before it reached its current look.

    Now you know how we create all the lovely corners of your favorite garden! We hope you had fun following us on this adventure. If you still have any questions about creating areas, please leave questions for us in the comments.

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    Fajnie gdyby psa kota I konia trzeba byłoby karmić.

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    Wow i like it

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    Добрый день. У меня не работают в игре события. Что происходит? Не возможно закончить задание, остановились на первом дне 94% закончено в нем. Тоже есть необходимо встретить поставленную лошадь. Это участок с конюшней. Что делать и когда это все заработает?

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    Wow. Thank you for the insight. It's very interesting what goes on behind the scene. Thanks for making the game fun!

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    That is quite facinating!😯

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    I Think This is AWESOME and You ALL Are Doing A GREAT JOB..... Hopefully we find something for the Valentine's Day and Then Saint Patrick's Day Occasion's......God Bless You Always!!!. Stevesgal
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    The same with my game. There written no connection with events. But I have work WiFi. Can someone Fixe it?

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