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Thread: 02.10 Your IDEAS for Regatta Seasons WANTED!

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    I like how you think Jammy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Downton View Post
    I like how you think Jammy
    You should stop by my town some time, I think you’ll like it (it’s been a wip ever since I started the game )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Downton View Post
    This maybe the post you're thinking of Virginia
    Lolz yes!!! Of course how could I have forgotten!

    A Tesla coil sign would be cool so long as every time a townie walked by it their hair stood on end! Hehehe
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    Quote Originally Posted by Virginia_Gardens View Post
    A Tesla coil sign would be cool so long as every time a townie walked by it their hair stood on end! Hehehe
    That would be hilarious! Lol.

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    I live in Louisiana and have to give my vote for Mardi Gras with all its parades, floats, costumes, masks, beads and food. We also have festivals for EVERYTHING here too, so maybe County or State Fair themed weeks, with amusement rides, game stands, livestock shows, food...the works.
    Other ideas, just off the top of my head, would be; Tea Parties, Quilting Bees, Computer Classes, and other things like; Myth weeks - Unicorns, Leprechauns, Mermaids, Bigfoot, for example; Motor or Travel weeks - Motorcycles, Race Cars, Vintage Cars, Hot Air Balloons, Boats and the like; Sport and Games weeks - Baseball, Football, Hockey, Chess, Checkers, for example; Book or Nursery Rhymes weeks - things associated with well-known books/characters and nursery rhymes; Life Events weeks - learning to drive, graduating, buying first car/house, getting married, starting a family; Vacation Destinations - Aruba, Hawaii, Disney World/Land, England, Italy, and so on.

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    Idea for regatta season theme

    I would like a “Land Down Under” Regatta season theme because I would like to obtain some animated decorations for the Australia exhibit in my zoo. The Sydney Opera House isn’t quite right. Maybe playful kangaroos, a boomerang toss, the great red rock, petting koalas? I’m finding the new Zoo to be an exciting place to showcase themed prizes earned with Yacht Club tokens. Thank you for your consideration!

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