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Thread: Interview with Emma, aka Nevada

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    Thanks again Nevada for addressing all the little questions, you must be part superhero with all that you do!

    I also have my puppers paw prints behind my ear though! Thats one thing I wish we’d get more of townies with tats!
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    Great interview Nevada, lovely to learn more about you. That's a really sweet picture of you,well done to the devs

    Thanks also for the 'second' interview you took the time to post answering everyone's questions from previous thread. I haven't read Stephen King for ages I'm just going to hunt down the Dark Towers on kindle now

    ETA I see you mentioned you're not to keen on the pigs on whales, I got 3 of them! I just find pigs so darn cute, I would have a real one of I could lol.

    Also pleased to here you do sleep I'm sure having Dread and Bess have really lightened the load for you. Sounds like you have a good routine in place and a great co-op.
    If anyone is confused what I'm commenting on, its to some of Nevada's answers in this post here
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    Hello Emma .. Nice to meet you.

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    Oh wow, Ne-vay-da, what a great read through your interview and the additional questions & answers.
    Be prepared to be bombarded with a lot more questions now.

    Love the picture!
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    Loved your interview!

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