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Thread: Interview with Emma, aka Nevada

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    Interview with Emma, aka Nevada

    Hello, everyone!

    We’re continuing our series of interviews with Townshippers! Please give a hearty welcome to Emma, aka “Nevada”! 😮🌻
    Emma is an asTOWNishing moderator and an all-around cool person.
    We’re thrilled to have the chance to get to know her better, and we bet so are you! 💥🌈

    Interviewer: Hello, Emma, can you tell us a bit more about what you do outside of Township?

    Emma: I was a pub manager for 10 years before I moved on to [my] new family life. I have a 5-year-old son, and I quit my job when I had my little girl to become a full-time mum. Now I spend my time with the kids, create digital artwork for people, and I'm currently trying my hand at writing a fantasy novel – imaginary lands and dragons and all that!

    I.: Speaking of your daily life… Has playing Township and moderating the forum brought any changes to it?

    E.: I guess it has just become part of life really. Merged into the daily routine, as it were. Read on, and you’ll see what I mean

    I.: What’s behind your Township nickname?

    E.: It’s the name of a town that means a lot to my family. Most people pronounce it like the state – "Ne-VAH-da". But it’s actually "Ne-VAY-da".

    I.: Are there any other Townshippers in your family? If so, do you play together?

    E.: Yes, and we're all in the same Co-op. My partner, aka Mr. Nevada, plays, and with him being "across the pond" in America, we usually find a few minutes on the phone each day to hop into our towns and take care of business. It gives us something we can do together, even while apart.
    My son who is five, known around the community as "The Dude", is also a Townshipper. Got himself all the way up to level 18 on his own! My 3-year-old daughter is now playing too.
    I find Township a quite fun learning tool for kids. They need to figure out how to make stuff, e.g., a sweater for the train (grow crops, feed the sheep, make the yarn), maths for things like needing six sugar and only having four. Or helping others by giving away their own stuff, and reading and writing for saying thank you in the Co-op chat. Perhaps best of all is the money aspect – learning that they can't buy a tennis court and open the mine, they have to pick one for now and save up for the other.
    Looking through a child's eyes, Township is really quite an educational game.

    I.: We know Township wasn’t your first gaming experience. What is so special about it that won your heart?

    E.: I used to play a slightly different style of game – war kind. But at some point, I went on the hunt for a new game. The idea of being able to build and design my own town appealed to me, but the first game I got didn't quite hold my interest past the first few levels. Then I found Township and haven't looked back.
    I started playing Township in June 2017, got Mr. Nevada involved, and we quickly agreed that it had the whole package in terms of being fun and easy to play whilst still providing challenges, vibrancy, and the ability to be creative.

    I.: What was your journey in becoming a Forum moderator?

    E.: Once I start getting invested in something, I like to find out as much as I can about it, which inevitably led me to the Forum last August. I found a very welcoming community and I taught there a lot, which then meant I could start helping others. So I became a moderator in February this year. I wanted to be a moderator people knew – the "visible mod", I suppose, someone the new members recognised around the Forum. The Township Forum is different from the ones I've known before. We quickly get to know each other, and all together we help new people feel at home. I love being a part of that.

    I.: What is the biggest challenge of being a Moderator? What keeps you motivated when it gets tough?

    E.: For me, the challenge comes with language barriers. Sometimes messages come in with the "help" of Google translate, which we do our best to reply to, but then we never hear from them again, and we wonder if they actually got the answer they were looking for.
    As for the motivation, it's just the kind of person I am. As I said, I like to learn all I can about something I'm interested in, and once I have answers to people's questions, I love to share the knowledge. A large part of my pub management career was training new staff for jobs all over the county, and it was my absolute favourite part. You can't know you enjoy something until you understand it. And I like helping people find that enjoyment. So, when we hit a bump in the forum road, I know there's someone else with a whole new conversation just around the corner.

    I.: What are the advantages of being part of the Moderation Team? Do you get access to insider information about Township or unreleased content, for example?

    E.: We are not the company’s employees, just regular players with a little more forum capability. The advantage for me is knowing I'm in a position to help people, and also it's nice to be able to help out the Township team to interact with the community. The only real "advance information" is gained through beta testing, which I'm pleased to have participated in multiple times now. That's not a moderator’s advantage though, as beta testing is open to many players. Then you get to see what will likely be coming with the next updates. It's also a great opportunity to send your feedback directly to the developers, and let them know what you think of the new features.

    I.: We usually ask our interviewees about their biggest achievement in Township. But let’s turn it around this time: name three mistakes you’ve made while playing!

    E.: I was quite lucky in stumbling onto the forum early on, so I managed to avoid common issues like building too many Community Buildings at once and being in desperate need of way too many construction materials. However, there are a few things I'd do differently if I were to start again. I wouldn't rush to build every Community Building as soon as it was available – I'd wait and see what fit in best with my town layout. For example, after I built the toy store, I had no idea where to put it for ages. Only now it has a home and fits in beautifully.
    Another thing is, although I've avoided the trap of constantly spending gems on boosters, I tend to ignore planes most of the times. And this has led to a drastic gem shortage which is going to hit when I start focusing on the Zoo. But what’s done is done

    I.: Township has turned 5 — time to blow out the candles! 🎂 Anything you would like to wish Township developers and players?

    E.: I would like to say a big Happy Birthday! To get to five years is one thing. To get to five years and still have players active today that were here five years ago is truly an achievement. I sometimes wonder if Playrix know which is the oldest town still active today. (Not counting Ernie).
    To the players — Township gets challenging at times, I know! But stick with it, because without the challenge, we wouldn't recognise the accomplishment. It's all a lot more rewarding when it's taken effort to get there. Enjoy it, and may we all find many more years of fun building up our towns

    Thank you, Emma, for taking time to share your experience!

    Do you want YOUR STORY to be told? You can APPLY in this thread 😎💕

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    Cobalt Banana
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    Amazing interview Nevada!
    Apparently there are still many things I didn't know about you, I'm glad you decided to share them!
    Thanks for doing this interview!

    PS: the picture is fantastic! Good job design team!
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    Cool, Ne-vay-da. That is so darned hard to say for us Americans!!

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    Lovely interview Nevada! Nice one!

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    I like your idea of the visible Mod, Ne-vay-da (lol, Nana!), and you're doing it so well

    Cute picture, is it similar to real life? do you have a tattoo on your wrist? *g*
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    Nevada/Emma, what an outstanding interview! You have such a fun, positive outlook. Thanks for all your help and being "a cool mod"

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    Fantastic interview Nevada! Thanks for letting us peek into your world!

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    Well, this is just delightful! Cue the warm and fuzzies.. I completely agree with you about Township as an educational tool for the littles. The picture is an excellent likeness and I hope to see a version as your in game avatar soon I love how the bi-national flag represents you playing as a transatlantic family, though I may have to question you privately about the nature of this "business" you and Mr N take care of in your towns.. with fingers poised to jam in my ears if the answer takes a squeamish turn, lol. I too would be curious to snoop around the Oldest Town on Record.

    Glad you didn't say "THE cool Mod", Score, or fisticuffs might have proved necessary and you know I pull hair...

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    Estupenda entrevista Nevada.

    Yo hablo español y me resulta, a veces, difícil comprender lo que se dice en el foro. Ya que la traducción no siempre es demasiado buena. Me imagino que a ti debe pasarte al revés, cuando los que escribimos somos de habla hispana debe resultarte un tanto complicado comprendernos.

    Gracias por tu esfuerzo y ayuda

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    Nevada very nice interview , and I love the picture including the paws !

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