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Thread: Interviews with Township Players!

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    Interviews with Township Players!

    Hi Everyone!

    The Township Community is growing each day, with players from all around the world, and the forum is growing along with it. We are lucky enough to have amazing contributors who through hard work, willingness to help, experience, and a passion for the game make this forum a fun and helpful community. In order to learn more about them and hear their story, a new series of posts was created: Interviews with Townshippers!

    In order to find out more, click on the pictures below to read each interview, and enjoy!

    Emma aka Nevada
    Marcelle aka Graylady
    Buddy aka Cobalt Banana
    Vee aka Amoria
    Janice aka Nana

    If you enjoyed these interviews and you would like to share your story with the Township community, you are welcome to apply for the next interview! Simply write a bit about yourself and your Township experience so far, in this thread:

    Interview with a Player (Applications)
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