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Thread: Windows 10 Update for Fishing Event

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    Windows 10 Update for Fishing Event

    Hello Everyone, first time poster and new player. I'm really enjoying the game, and a friend of mine asked me what fishing event level I was at, and I don't have a fishing event on my Windows 10 game. So, I loaded the game on my Android, and sure enough, there is a fishing event. Unfortunately, I can't sync between the Android and the W10, and that is probably a good thing if they are not in sync. Any news on when the W10 update will be available?

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    Hi J, and welcome! You're correct, iOS/android/kindle are linked, but Windows and Mac are entirely separate due, in part, to their different stages of development. One consequence of this is that events run at different times. We never know when updates will come, for any platform, or what will be contained in them. Looking at the different platforms isn't necessarily a good predictor. On the upside, you can get some practice on your android device for when the fishing event comes around to Windows! Also, here's a link to the general Windows platform discussion area, in case you haven't seen it already.

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    Thank you for the link and Thank you for the response.

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