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Thread: In app purchase issues

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    I am having problems buying tcash in app, at the moment there is a special in app deal for me to buy an item which is a pond with 2 elephants and tcash for $17.99 USD and i cant purchase,i havent been able to purchase tcash foe over a week now, i click to buy and the load circle comes up and just stays there and does nothing! I have tried restarting my i
    Ad, i have tried clearing all active apps and nothing works and i really want to purchase the packages, my card isnt the issue as i have money in my account to cover the purchases. Can youplease see if you can solve this in game issue for me?

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    Hi Fiona, the forum is predominantly player-to-player, and whilst Playrix's Admins do oversee things generally, there's no guarantee they'll see your post, and would need the technical data from your device even if they wanted to help you. For both those reasons, you need to file a report from within your game. You can find the thread explaining that process (relevant to your platform) here.

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