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Thread: Chests are dumping

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    Question Chests are dumping

    I know who is allowed to dump a chest but we are having chests dumped a lot.
    So... Does an incomplete task in a chest cause the chest to dump automatically?

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    Yes. If one task in a chest is failed because time expired, the system dumps the entire chest. That means any tasks in progress which would normally still have time left get “force dumped” .

    However, any finished tasks in the dumped chest still count towards the team goals.

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    I assume you are talking of the Interseasonal regatta here, then I would also suggest to add your OS, to be on the safe side (there can be differences between the versions, AFAIK).

    From memory only, but I wanted to add here for this unpleasant experience in your Coop, Rose Mill, that your partners should know that they can give a task back "into a chest", when they are in danger of needing too much time. Without any penalty other than some time, before they can take it again, while someone else can take it immediately.
    Hopefully they would at least be able to do that, when they can't finish the task in time...
    I would also ask why that is happening "a lot", as you say - which means, as I understand it, that ppl can't plan properly? or don't know that not every task has time till end of race? I'd try to clear that up also, if I were you

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