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Thread: 28.09 Quiz: What Unique Fish are you?

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    I know this isn’t an exact science but it said I am Geisha fish but I’m not. I’m Fishus Alienus. I don’t even know what fish that is. Can anyone send me a picture?

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    I love all the fish and I am the pirate fish

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    A Legionnaire fish! Pretty true too as my head is in the clouds because I am a dreamer!

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    Mrs Scalestone

    Thats me. 100%. Love all my fish and tanks. Such fun.

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    Sir Gold Flipper gives me a chills down my spine! I shudder when he is swimming around the aquarium.
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    alien legionnaire pirate

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    It is the alien fish if that is any help he's in picture posted above or below the questions.

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    Im a Geisha fish! Im very creative and i love decorating my aqariums!

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    Legionairre Fish total dreamer through and through

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    I'm a Pirate Fish

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