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Thread: 28.09 Quiz: What Unique Fish are you?

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    28.09 Quiz: What Unique Fish are you?

    Now that you’ve met our unique fish, we bet you’ve discovered a certain affinity with at least one of your new finned friends. And that’s natural — they’ve all got such interesting personalities! Want to find out which unique fish is your aquatic alter ego? Then take this quiz:

    1) Who’s your favorite Fishdom character?

    A) It’s Captain Swift, obviously! I never miss a chance to search for treasure with him!
    B) I just adore Sir Goldflipper! He’s so classy, and his stories are truly unbelievable!
    C) My favorite character is Rachel the Seahorse! I love how ambitious and spirited she is!
    D) Hermann the Crab is my hero! I especially love diving with him — we share the same passion for discovering new worlds!
    E) I’m into collecting bolts with Leo — he’s so electrifying! He always inspires me to reach new heights!

    2) What’s your favorite pastime?

    A) I enjoy reading books, especially ones about adventures! I love it when I can relate to the main character and get caught up in the action! Dreaming about daring journeys and distant lands is the perfect pastime.
    B) I love everything about crafts and making things! I’m the master of DIY! Also, I’m a fantastic cook.
    C) Interior design has always been my passion. Where to find the best couch for the living room? What flowers will look absolutely divine in the kitchen? I know it all!
    D) I spend most of my time on my laptop searching for interesting articles to read. Learning new things is so exciting! One day I’ll do my own research, and maybe it’ll be about the underwater world!
    E) Writing new poems and stories is what helps me relax in the evening.

    3) What would your ideal vacation be?

    A) I’d go to a secluded island! Traveling is so exciting!
    B) I’d stay home and spend some quality time with my friends and family.
    C) Going for a walk each and every day! I’d visit as many gardens and parks as possible!
    D) Is it possible to plan a trip to Mars yet? If not, I’ll just wait.
    E) I’d love to go somewhere with lots of history to see all the sights.

    4) What’s your favorite thing about Fishdom?

    A) The challenges! Looking for treasure is the best part of the game!
    B) Taking care of my fish and aquariums! I love showing off my aquariums to friends.
    C) Decorating aquariums! I love making my fish tanks beautiful!
    D) Learning about new fish and seaweed! There’s so much to discover!
    E) Beating levels! Finding the perfect strategy is the best way to work your brain!

    5) What’s your favorite genre to read?

    A) Adventure books, of course!
    B) Romance! Who doesn’t love a happy ending?
    C) I love books about art. I find them the most inspiring!
    D) Science fiction is the best genre!
    E) Definitely poetry! I even write my own poems.

    6) What’s your dream job?

    A) Ever since I was a kid, I’ve dreamed of being a sailor. The sea is calling!
    B) I’ve always wanted to be a teacher! I’d love to share my knowledge and experience!
    C) Being an architect is my biggest dream! I bet everyone would love to live in my fancy buildings. I’ve got plenty of ideas!
    D) My dream is to become a scientist, of course!
    E) My master plan is to become famous for my literary works. It’s never too late to start publishing them!

    7) What’s your favorite aquarium in Fishdom?

    A) I love the Pirate aquarium! Its swashbuckling atmosphere is just perfect.
    B) The Farm aquarium is my fave! It’s so green, cozy, and homey.
    C) The Japan aquarium, of course! Where else can I find blooming sakura all year round?
    D) The Moon aquarium! Who hasn’t dreamed of landing there?
    E) The Fantasy aquarium! Have you seen that beautiful castle in the background? Breathtaking!

    8) Pick one word that describes you best:

    A) Adventurous!
    B) Caring
    C) Creative!
    D) Curious!
    E) Loyal!

    Now it’s time to find out the results! If you’ve got:

    Mostly A — You’re the Pirate Fish!
    Yo-ho-ho to the most adventurous, energetic, and enthusiastic Fishdomer! You’re always ready to take action and set sail to reach your goals. We bet that’s what helps you get to the top in every competition!

    Mostly B — You’re Mrs. Scalestone!
    You’re the life of the party! Friendly, chatty, and understanding — you’re the best friend to everyone around you! That’s why your fish are always well-fed and content, your aquariums are clean and cozy, and visitors are warmly welcomed!

    Mostly C — You’re the Geisha Fish!
    You follow the latest trends and get inspired by the beauty of the world around you. You’ve always got great ideas and you’re “the creative one” in your group of friends. We bet that your aquarium designs are featured in all the underwater magazines!

    Mostly D — You’re Fishus Alienus!
    You’re a tough nut to crack! You love spending time by yourself, simply observing the world and its peculiarities. You've read anything you can get your fins on about marine biology, and now you’ve decided to join Fishdom! No wonder you know all the scientific names of the fish in your aquariums!

    Mostly E — You’re the Legionnaire Fish!
    A dreamer, you always have your head in the clouds. You're full of life-changing ideas, and you've got answers to all the eternal questions. You’re renowned for your rhetorical skills, your eloquent speeches are always moving, and even the most skeptical fish love talking to you!
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    Theses fish stink!

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    I’m a Geisha Fish that’s so cool she is Beautiful thank u to making this game 100%.

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    Eu sou peixe gueixa. Adorei !!!

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    Not sure if my last one posted but a dreamer lol

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    Interesting Results

    Apparently, I'm a Legionnaire Geisha. So if you see a Japanese fish wearing a kimono under Roman armour. I'm probably floating capriciously, talking to everyone. Stop and say, "Hello"...

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    Fishus Alienus here!!!

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    I'm a caring fish

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    Trying to imagine an alienusfarmer scalestone predominantly a dreamergeisha fish

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    I’m a combination of Pirate fish, , Mrs. Scalestone and Legionnaire fish.

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