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Thread: What is the impact of selling houses?

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    What is the impact of selling houses?

    While mooching around Ernie's town I noticed that he doesn't have many of the uglier houses (specifically the revolting orange,yellow & blue high rise blocks).

    Then, whilst doing a £/$ regatta task in a hurry, I sold three of my higher end houses to make up the income and then promptly bought them back again (yes, I lost coin of course but it was better than spending town cash and I needed a quick task haha)... and it struck me that although I need the population for land expansions right now there seems to be no other reason to keep all of the houses in my town permanently.

    So my question is for all of you who are fully expanded: Once I have fully expanded, can I sell the houses that I really hate with no other consequences than a lower population which will only affect me if Playrix introduce more land expansions to the game (in which case I would just have to rebuild, expand then sell them again), or does there come a point where fields would be withdrawn?
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    I wouldnt as they are going to be adding new cm buildings which to me we dont need. But they are and your going to need the population to build them.
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    And, as has been recently pointed out to me, factories require certain populations. They've introduced a few new factories and associated products recently plus regatta tasks related to the products. If you're interested in those things you might want to keep the housing or hide them behind some nice trees, rocks, or signs.

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