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Thread: FaceBook requirement for achievement

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    Quote Originally Posted by Downton View Post
    I dont think theres any point in telling people to do something they dont want to do which in this case is to open a facebook account(even one specifically only for Township). However as connecting with FB for all sorts of things is so common now, those who dont have accounts including myself will have to get used to not having access to certain things, thats just the way it is.

    That being said,we all like to have a whinge and stamp our feet sometimes

    For the record, at the moment anyway there is very little in Township that I feel I am missing out on by not having FB .
    At first I wasn’t going to say anything, but obvious problems require obvious solutions.

    The OP also may have not consider doing an account just for Township.

    The more friends you have, the faster your request can be filled, within minutes or even seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barnesville View Post
    Having thought a little more about it. Is this so different than saying "you can't have complete access to all we offer because you don't have red hair?
    yeah....It's just the same.
    No. It's wholly different, and using the word 'discrimination' to describe a situation where you can choose which camp you prefer to be in offends me. I would suggest you consider backing down your language a bit.

    I link to a Township FB account to protect my town. I don't friend strangers to get market boxes. That's my choice.
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    I also have to agree that claiming you're being "discriminated" against is frankly ridiculous and somewhat insulting. The additional friends option is available to everyone. It's not Playrixs fault you choose not to take advantage of it.

    Downton has also stated she is Facebook-free, but as a discussion, not a cry about how unfair life is.
    Perhaps thinking about the way you word things will help you to get more relevant answers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jerseygirl.247 View Post
    I have a Facebook, account, However I don't let ask people to fb friend me so i can get more friends on the game to get the baskets. I don't allow strangers on my Facebook account who I don't know.
    I'm the same ... I have Facebook because it's a useful resource for me for a number of reasons and my game is linked to it (purely so that I can retrieve my town if something happens to my android device) but I only have people I know as FB friends so it's a non starter in terms of gaining more Township friends. I don't really consider that not being active on FB in terms of Township impacts on my game playing.

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    I fall into the generally not friending strangers camp on FB also and I don't believe it is hindering the way I play my game. It's a option that is available to everyone not a requirement, I can't complain if I choose not to take advantage of any extras. There used to be games that required you to link to FB account in order to play them, probably some still do. I think saying you were being discriminated against rubbed people the wrong way, it did me, you have a choice.

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    There we go.. several people saying 'don't get carried away' and suggesting there's a middle ground to be had. End of.

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