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    Hot air balloons

    I apologise if this has been discussed before. It's about the hot air balloons. I know we can send 5 a day out to friends. A bit stingy in my opinion as it's so hard to choose people sometimes. Anyhoo, if you visit a friend's township do you leave a balloon behind as well. If you help a friend out and they say thank you with a clover does a balloon get sent as well?
    The reason I'm asking, apart from being totally confused by the bliming things is that I've noticed that just after I've helped or visited someone not long after I get a balloon from them.
    I am sorry for sounding so 'thick' about the balloons but I just need to know more about how they work.
    So if anyone can spare the time to help an old lady she'd be very grateful & happy! 🤣
    Thank you, xoxo

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    When a friend helps you on a plane or train, you click their picture which sends a thank you and a clover.

    In your town (and others towns when you visit), you can find up to five GOLD balloons a day. These are from the game, and after you open the first one for free, you can pay 3Tcash each to open the other four if you wish.

    The coloured balloons you see floating around with friends pictures on are from where they've sent you one of their five gifts. This is purely players choice, and has no bearing on whose towns you visit. Saying that, many people try to send gifts to those that help them, so if you're visiting others towns and helping them, then find a balloon from them shortly after, that'll be why.
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