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Thread: What does MAX mean? I bought a hotel and it didn't add to my population!

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    What does MAX mean? I bought a hotel and it didn't add to my population!

    There are several things I have bought that have (people) MAX + (a number). The hotel says MAX + 155 but that means jack to me. What's the deal?

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    Every community building does this.

    Your population is a certain number, then every community building you complete allows you a higher population.
    So, if your population allowance is 2,000, and you complete the hotel, then your population allowance would be 2,155.

    This then means you can build more houses, to increase your actual population; meaning more people "Move in" to your town.

    In the top left, beneath your town level, you should see an icon of two little people, followed by a number. Let's say that number is now 2,000/2,155.
    This means you have 2,000 people living in your town, but you now have the option to have up to 2,155, so you need to check in your housing tab to see what new houses you can build.

    You need to up your actual population count in order to get more plots for crops, buy land expansions, factories...
    If you click on farming, then click on the field, it'll tell you what population you need to unlock the next one. As will expansions and factories.
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