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Thread: Happy Birthday Nana!

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    Best wishes for a happy birthday, Nana!! Dance, laugh, enjoy the day!!
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    Happy Birthday Nana!

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    Happy Birthday Nana. Wish you a wonderful year.
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    Happy Birthday Nana! I hope you have an enjoyable day.
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    Happy birthday Nana, enjoy your special day.

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    Wish You A Many Many HaPPy Returns of the DaY

    Happy Happy Birthday Nana!!
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    "Coincidence? I think not!" 😎

    Happy birthday, Nana! Have a great one!

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    LOL, Anna! No one was more stunned than me when I learned the dates were the same, last year.
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    Nana and Township with same birthday! Happy birthday Nana!
    That just seems right.

    Kind Regards,
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    Be kind.

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    Happy Birthday Nana!
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