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Thread: 19.09 Name the Buildings Contest

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    19.09 Name the Buildings Contest

    Hi, guys!


    Each town resident is getting ready for the game's BIRTHDAY PARTY 🎂 Look at the FIVE PHOTO SCRATCHES of in-game buildings and identify them.
    300 T-CASH will be given to TEN EAGLE-EYED WINNERS promptly 🧐

    Good luck, everyone! 🍀🌞

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    Happy B-day Township!!!

    I guess:
    - the coast gard
    - sheepfarm
    - The Mexican Restaurant
    - Academy of Industry
    - the Wedding hall
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    Happy Birthday Township

    The buildings are

    Sheep farm
    Coast Guard
    Academy of Industry
    Wedding Hall
    Mexican Restaurant

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    Happy birthday township!!

    My guesses are:

    1. Sheep farm
    2. Coast Guard
    3. Academy of Industry
    4. Wedding Hall
    5. Mexican Restaurant
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    Happy Birthday Township!!!

    My guesses are:

    1. Sheep Farm
    2. Coast Guard
    3. Academy of Industry
    4. Wedding Hall
    5. Mexican Restaurant
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    Happy birthday township! Thankd for the contest!

    -Sheep Farm
    -Coast Guard
    -Academy of Industry
    -Wedding Hall
    -Mexican Restaurant


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    Happy Birthday!

    ~Sheep Farm
    ~Wedding Hall
    ~Mexican Restaurant
    ~Academy of Industry
    ~ Coast Guard
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    Who doesn't love a birthday party!!! . Happy Birthday Township and many more!

    Sheep enc/farm
    Coast guard
    Wedding chapel/hall
    Academy of industry
    Mexican restaurant

    Good luck, everyone!
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    Might as well throw my incredibly unique answers in...

    Sheep farm
    Coast guard
    Academy of Industry
    Mexican restaurant
    Wedding hall

    Happy birthday and many thanks to the TS gang at Playrix
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    I spy with my little eye...

    Sheep Farm
    Coast Guard
    Academy of Industry
    Mexican Restaurant
    Wedding Hall

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