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Thread: ? Helping others and sharing goods.

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    ? Helping others and sharing goods.

    Im a little confused about how they come up with the numbers for 'other players helped' and 'goods shared with coop members'.

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    Hi Raneeta . For 'other players helped' each train or plane crate you fill or each basket in the zoo you fill for another player counts as 1 help in the Town Hall achievement statistics. This is regardless of how many items it took to fill the crate/basket. For example a crate of 19 rice will still only count as 1 help.

    However when filling crates/baskets/requests for co-op members (only), in the co-op building the amount of items used counts up to a maximum of 10. So 19 rice will show up beside your name there as 10. The number of helps shown in the co-op building resets to zero at the start of every new regatta week.

    The 'Goods shared with co-op members' in Town Hall achievements only counts the helps you have given your co-op members in requests. As in requested goods in the co-op chat bar.
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