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Thread: No more movies after buying tickets

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    I had them a couple of times last year very briefly. This year they appeared for a day but would play to the end without giving a reward.

    Doesn’t seem too random if some people get them all the time & others never
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    Well just to confuse me even further with how getting adverts work, about a week ago I got an advert and accidentally deleted it! I was gutted, however it took nearly 2 days for them to come back & when they did I have been getting multiples nearly hourlyGreat improvement to what I was getting before. Go figure

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    подскажите, пожалуйста!! пропали рекламные ролики, уже неа 5 дней, не удаляла! они когда-нибудь вернуться?

    (Tell me please!! commercials disappeared, no longer 5 days, not deleted! they ever come back)
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    Quote Originally Posted by THIEF15 View Post
    jifl thanks for the message. It really makes me think there is a connection. But good news from my mother. I heard yesterday that since 3 or 4 days she has the movies again. It is only 1 or 2 a day but atleast it is a start again. Hope that after another month it will be more again like that it says on I doubt that she will be buying again unless this is fixed or if there is a really really great reward with it. Like real permanent upgrade for the silo.
    I used to get ads every hour and unfortunately just noticed now that there has to be a connection. I bought a golden pass this morning and suddenly stopped getting adds. No single add for the last six hours . It makes me sad

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    I always had videos every hour until I made a purchase and bang no more. I checked with my team mates and the same happened to them.

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    I have bought the gold pass and I always delete the ad guy, just my preference I don't want to watch them.
    Still he comes back. But because I deleted him he only comes back every 30 mins.

    As there seem to be different scenarios as to what occurs with him, I woukd think this is not a programming fault,
    So the best thing to do is send an ingame report.
    If everyone affected does that hopefully they will look into it.

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