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Thread: No more movies after buying tickets

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    I had them a couple of times last year very briefly. This year they appeared for a day but would play to the end without giving a reward.

    Doesn’t seem too random if some people get them all the time & others never

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    Well just to confuse me even further with how getting adverts work, about a week ago I got an advert and accidentally deleted it! I was gutted, however it took nearly 2 days for them to come back & when they did I have been getting multiples nearly hourlyGreat improvement to what I was getting before. Go figure

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    подскажите, пожалуйста!! пропали рекламные ролики, уже неа 5 дней, не удаляла! они когда-нибудь вернуться?

    (Tell me please!! commercials disappeared, no longer 5 days, not deleted! they ever come back)
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    Quote Originally Posted by THIEF15 View Post
    jifl thanks for the message. It really makes me think there is a connection. But good news from my mother. I heard yesterday that since 3 or 4 days she has the movies again. It is only 1 or 2 a day but atleast it is a start again. Hope that after another month it will be more again like that it says on I doubt that she will be buying again unless this is fixed or if there is a really really great reward with it. Like real permanent upgrade for the silo.
    I used to get ads every hour and unfortunately just noticed now that there has to be a connection. I bought a golden pass this morning and suddenly stopped getting adds. No single add for the last six hours . It makes me sad

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    I always had videos every hour until I made a purchase and bang no more. I checked with my team mates and the same happened to them.

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    I have bought the gold pass and I always delete the ad guy, just my preference I don't want to watch them.
    Still he comes back. But because I deleted him he only comes back every 30 mins.

    As there seem to be different scenarios as to what occurs with him, I woukd think this is not a programming fault,
    So the best thing to do is send an ingame report.
    If everyone affected does that hopefully they will look into it.

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    Again my mother bought something (in this case the golden pass) and the movie guy is gone again. While she had him 10 minutes before. I had my doubts before that if it was linked or not. But now I really don't believe it anymore after more people saying this here and that it happened a second time. And I was even thinking that why would it be "random"? I mean every other app can basicly ask for ads on demand. Plenty of games that gives you an ad after completing a level. You got a reward for completing an level? Why not double it by watching an ad. You failed? You can retry / get extra moves by watching an ad. Stuck on a puzzle? Watch an ad for a hint or solution. Or other apps that give you ads when you start and/or close the app.

    And which ad service you are using has more use for showing more ads. Because they usually earn more if they show more ads. So I doubt that they will stop the ads when someone buys something (that is if you are even using the google ads service, otherwise they shouldn't even know about it). The only reason I can think of that it would stop is that it is programmed to do so. And the reason of that would be that the is (I suspect) more profit from the direct buying then that of ads. Don't get me wrong. I understand ofcourse more money is better for the company. And ofcourse I understand that admitting this can also harm the company reputation as being greedy.

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