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Thread: Hours lives

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    Hours lives

    Is there anyway that when we win 2 or 3 hours of lives that when you have to cook dinner or if it is not time to go to work or bed that you can keep the time you haven't used instead of losing them

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    I only wish that there was someway that I could pause and go back. I used to be able to 'freeze' by not accepting the one hour free, but that seems to have disappeared and I just loose it. I cannot always commit to an hour's play.

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    This happened more than one time to me, today in fact going to play won the chest claimed , no hours please help

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    Seems this is not a bug. I reported this problem more than once from within the game. Finally got a reply that stated " Please note this feature was changed during our last update. Now the of free play should be used right after you received them." So not only must you use the free time all up as soon as you get it but you must also CLAIM the free time as soon as you win it or it will be GONE. NOT HAPPY!!!

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