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Thread: All Tasks spreadsheets

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    All Tasks spreadsheets

    Since I've not seen it anywhere, but wanted to have one, I made a spreadsheet containing all tasks and the amounts wanted for a 135. (Including the new simplified tasks, lower amounts for most of them.)

    For easier prepping another one listing only the factories and corresponding items.

    If you want to see/download the full sized images, click here for the factory tasks, and here for the list of all 135 tasks.

    Hope you'll find it useful. Happy racing!
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    Thank you Cathy! This is most helpful your time and effort are much appreciated!!

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    This is awesome! Great job!
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    Thanks for taking the time to do this Cathy - very helpful

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    Thanks Cathy, I've taken screenshots of them,so useful. The size is just fine I can easily enlarge it on my tablet

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    Brilliant Cathy, thanks!

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    Great work Cathy

    Can you add clay beside your mining task ? We need to collect 20 clay for 135.

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    I can't wait to share this with my team. Thank you so much!!

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    Really helpful, Cathy. In terms of planning your play, it makes a great companion to the planeload list kept by John's Chicken Ranch at

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    Thanks Cathy!! Much appreciated.

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