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Thread: Counting My Blessings (No Regatta)

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    Counting My Blessings (No Regatta)

    I am an old hand reading the Forum for 3 years. But, this past year to 18 months has made me feel extremely blessed that I am not actively participating in the Regattas.

    I did participate and win all my races as a solo sailor, quitting when it looked like I would have to participate in the Golden League and devote even more time to it. I enjoyed the Regatta a lot, but I was falling farther and farther behind in building my Zoo. I still work full time and only have limited hours to spare Monday thru Friday, so I docked my little purple yacht for the very un-fun activity of working only on the Zoo. What a wise decision I made.

    At first the Forum angst was the "cheaters" - they were everywhere - and keeping honest racers from climbing the leaderboard. Demands were made, reports sent to Support, screenshots and stats were analyzed on thread after thread, day after day. Not pleasant Forum reading.

    So, Playrix, inundated I am sure with 1,000s of complaints, bit by bit, started going after and eliminating "cheaters." Some innocents (they all claim innocence) were caught up in the tangled web of being banned from Regattas, and eventually from Township. My heart does go out to the innocents. Enter a new support system that is apparently even worse than the old support system and the horror stories have grown exponentially along with the number of threads complaining about banning and innocence. Reading the Forum these days it is fraught with complaints from posters.

    So, I count my blessings in my happy little Township world (so far anyway, who knows what tomorrow brings) and am thrilled to death that I walked away from Regatta world. Oh, I have complaints, but they seem so trivial and minor compared to those who play the Regatta. It seems no indignity is too great for the truly Regatta addicted - they can't wait to return to it (even when they've been banned more than once!). May you all find redemption (from being banned) and enjoy the game again.

    I am not feeling the desire to sail again any time soon - just from reading the Forum.

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    Nana, I agree with you. Although I'm a relative newbie compared to your experience here, what I've read has made me think twice about doing the Regatta. I have a co-op and have invites to join others, but after reading about all the problems, for now I think I'll pass on that activity. Still have a lot to do in my town and haven't started the zoo yet, so there's plenty to keep me busy! The thought of being mistakenly banned is a very off-putting as well.

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    Hi Tricia. I truly did enjoy my 6 weeks or so trying out the Regatta. But, reading the Forum has made me glad I did not continue - at least while there are so many problems. Maybe at a later time you could give it a go.

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    Nana - I was loving the Regatta when it first started - because it came at a time when my work wasn't so busy.

    But then work got busy, so I stopped racing. As I just wrote in another thread, I am grateful to be in a co-op where it doesn't matter if i race or not. I play the game when I can, and I support my co-op members who are racing, as much as I can.

    I have really enjoyed 'not racing'. I can play, help my co-op friends, help my non co-op friends...I can work on my Zoo. It's all good now.

    It's so nice to play a relaxed game.

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    Your post is………thought provoking.

    As far as my Regatta racing, I have reached a point where I do not care so much for racing to win in a Gold League. In a small Co-op, such a race is a consuming fire while it is under way. With one or two members racing it is over the same day it started, but that is one hell of a day. Minding the task board is an onerous chore.

    If you are in it to win it, you really start prepping for a Regatta even as early as Sunday. It is then you will start making the platinum ingots. It is then you will start filling all of your factory shelves with something hoping you get a hit during the race. You will stop your mining much earlier than Sunday and you will go into the race with 150 clovers if you can. I actually used 180 clovers in this week’s race.

    So, you are shutting down your normal game play for about 3 days and this is a huge distraction. For what? For some, it is all about position on the Golden Leaderboard, but that is just not my cup of tea. And though Playrix has claimed to have beefed up the prizes, it is just not enough of a reason to go through all of that. Well, you might win 5 platinum ingots, or 3 rubies in your chests.

    It is a distraction indeed from doing things in the game that are more strategic as you have mentioned. I want to finish upgrading my zoo shops for coins. I want to reach Nirvana state and get the eighth box in the Beverage Shop. And we have a new factory to upgrade now don’t we?

    But I am not ready to say I am giving up the Regatta entirely. What is needed is to be able to do relaxed racing and be happy with buoy prizes. That’s the ticket!

    But wait. Playrix seems to copy everything the H game does. Our little fishing event game is a knockoff of theirs. What if the Regatta prizes became specialty decorations you could get no other way than winning a race!? A Dali-esque junk collector such as I would then be racing nonstop. Surely they wouldn’t do that would they?

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    Oh thanks a heap, Cobalt. You just scared the carp out of me in your final paragraph.

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    I've yet to enter a 'regretta' and the other member in my Co-op feels the same. However the chat feature that was included is awesome. I feel bad for both Playrix and those unfairly banned with the overwhelming work needed for fix the problem and stress for those banned.
    Tinkering around with the zoo and shuffling buildings and streets makes me happy and keeps the game busy.
    The first quarter of the year is coming to an end, maybe the next three will run a little smoother for all of us.

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    Thanks for this thread, Nana. I've been having a lot of the same thoughts lately.

    I've been lucky to find a co-op that hasn't minded me bowing out (I was so burnt out after a while). I try to make it up by helping at least 200-300 times a week.

    I think, for me, the only pro of the co-op is the friendships I've made through the chat. I look forward to loading the game and talking with them. It's almost become like a mini-forum (lol). But, sadly I don't think many people have had that experience.

    You're right on the money. The cheating detector they've put in after implementing the Regatta is an absolute nightmare. I got caught myself last year (right after paying for like $40 worth of tcash too). It almost seems like players who don't race often are less likely to get caught in its crosshairs...which is possibly another point against racing at all. The bot is just too hyperactive.

    And oh god, Cobalt, your last paragraph indeed. I'm also a hoarder who has to have one of every decoration. D:

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    I've made it a requirement in my coop to let new people know that my coop is not in it for the leaderboard ranking, but rather the barn materials and t-cash from the final boxes. Most of us are level 50 and under, so we still have a big need for building materials and barn space. Participating in the regatta has just been a rewards thing for us, but to be honest I'm pretty sure once we get up to the higher levels, there will be less participation.

    Considering cb's cap out at like level 82, and zoo takes up mostly gems, regatta participation will be kinda unnecessary unless playrix makes those prizes better. I'm still salty about the fact that 3 out of 12 reward boxes are usually just items that I can make in my factories. Can you believe we had a buoy reward box with 2 coats in it? and this was a higher pt box as well...

    As for cheating, I don't really understand why Playrix has a "guilty until proven innocent" type anti-cheating system. It should be that the player gets flagged for cheating but not affected while Playrix can check the receipts for purchases of t-cash associated with that account. If the purchases checkout, then the flag can be removed. It's really all that needs to be done. I don't understand how playrix can have a billion dollar worth company, but not afford to hire an intern or two for customer support and cheater investigations. I know people who play the game who would literally do it for free lol.

    It's really causing many people to reconsider buying t-cash (myself included). I know there are people who will still continue to buy t-cash if they don't know about this anti-cheating system, but most of my co-op who is active have mentioned at least once or twice how scared they are to buy t-cash because they'll be locked out of their town.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amoria View Post

    I'm also a hoarder who has to have one of every decoration. D:

    For the players going for the natural look with their towns, players such as our late Ralph, towns like ours are much too fruity. Indeed they are the abomination of desolation. But that is the beauty of a game like Township, you can play it the way you want, and make your town look just the way you desire.

    There is actually one I didn't buy recently. I didn't get the Romeo and Juliet Miss Piggy doing her serenade.

    Kind Regards,

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