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    Your Favorite Park

    Hey, Townshippers!

    🍏 Strolling around the park is a must do in September! ☺️

    Show off your fave green area in your town 👇🌸🍁

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    I love all green areas but this is the favourite park I created in my town at the moment


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    That’s beautiful Downton

    My park is pretty much all one area, and I’m still not 100% happy with it, but it’s getting there...
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    Thanks Nevada. I went and looked at your town and love how you've put your park in the middle(ish) of the town. That's something I would really like to do but the thought of redesigning everything is too overwhelming.

    Also so you say you're not a_100% happy with it ,looks pretty perfect to me.

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    That’s a beautiful park Downton!

    Yours too Nevada, I like the scale of it and where you have it placed - I’ll have to go see what I can upload now lol

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    Thanks Meesh, and yes please upload a pic of your town parks

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    Thanks for your patience haha, not a strong point of mine loading pics!

    So I went to my town and I don’t really have an official park as such. I’ve made a public garden around the Eiffel Tower


    And I have a few green and garden areas. The biggest includes the event decorations. I would love to be able to put in some small footpaths, mud trails or such around this area. The pavement slabs are too big for what I need.


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    Hey meesh, great idea with your Eiffel tower, but I love the area with your event decorations, it's almost magical

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    Wow, totally in love with second area, with curvy shore, water and greenery

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    The park area I created is my favourite part of town. Although I think it probably qualifies more of a forest than a park!

    I've also created a couple of park areas in my zoo
    Screenshot_20181022-081315.jpg Screenshot_20181022-081145.jpg

    I love my green, open spaces!

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