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Thread: Paying for the Dealer

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    Paying for the Dealer

    Have you had trouble with this game?? I've been playing 6+ months and had never come up on problems with the market dealer. I may have had to hire him 1 or 2 times a month, no big deal, right?? Well in the last 2 weeks I have had to pay 12 T-cash everyday!! I contacted customer support and they are giving me the run around like they don't know what I'm talking about. This is BS!! Now they won't answer anymore of my questions. Does anyone know how to get in touch with someone besides customer support?? I'm getting out of the game because it really makes my blood boil to see that the % sign is out on the market meaning he is ready for hire. I don't mind spending some money on the game but I want to purchase what I want to, not have to hire a fictional character for real money just so I can play their game. I wish you all luck and hope you don't go through any problems, but I wouldn't bet on it.
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    Hi. I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand the problem you are facing. Raj, the market dealer, is not generally a free part of the game. His services pretty much always need to be bought with Tcash, the ingame currency. Occassionally, we will be offered a voucher to use him free for one day, OR, if you haven't hired him in a while, the game might offer you one free day of his services to entice you to buy him again with Tcash.

    Raj regularly costs 12 T cash for 1 day, 50 T for 5 days and 90T for 10 days. When his time runs out, he will offer you a discount to hire him again (this will be available for an hour I think, then normal prices go back into effect). The discount is 40T for 5 days and 72T for 10 days.

    So, can you please provide more information about the problem you are facing? How many days are you buying when you hire him? If you are only paying 12T cash, then you are only hiring him for one day, and you will need to pay again the next day if you want to keep using him. If you want access to him continuosly, your best bet is to buy him for 12T one day, and then rehire him at the discounted rate of 72T for 10 days. After 10 days, rehire him again for another 72T for 10 more days, etc. There are many players who are able to earn 72T in the game for free every 10 days (helping Ernie, House of Luck prizes, finding Tcash in the mine, daily gift, regatta chest prizes, etc) in order to keep hiring Raj.

    EDIT: After re-reading your post it seems maybe you are complaining that you shouldn't have to hire Raj at all and that the regular market boxes should always have the items you want to buy? If so, unfortunately I doubt that customer service or the developers will be of much help. The game is not designed for us to have constant access to everything we need. You can buy additional market boxes to increase your chances of having the item you want for sale in the regular market. Otherwise, you can request goods from co-op members, flag planes/train crates to ask for help, or you'll just have to keep your factories running to try to keep up with demand as best as you can.
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    Hi mba, it's better to keep your post titles specific to your issue, so I changed it for you. Whilst I'm sure it was entirely unintentional, calling it "Everyone!" makes it seem like click bait.

    And Kitty is right, the Dealer is, and always has been, an optional extra which we can all choose to buy or not.

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