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Thread: Higher Value for longer making items

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    Higher Value for longer making items

    I noticed that some of the prices you can sell items for in the barn are not valued by the amount of time a product takes to make. For example: paper towels take 1.5 hrs and is worth 30 coins, but a cookie which takes 15 mins to make gets you 44 coins.

    The longer an item takes to make the higher the value of coin should be.

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    Another example - bacon takes 7 hours to be ready for collection, and it can be sold from the barn for 32 coins.

    I am not sure what goes into deciding how much each item is worth, but i'm guessing it takes into account what/how many products are needed for making that item, and not necessarily only how long it takes?
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    You are right Dreadnought. Everything is taken into account : basic products needed, their cost, time to produce the final product.

    I remember doing a study in my early days and cookies have always have the best return. My take is cookies can help newbies increase their coins in a timely manner. They are in a special category and we cannot compare other products to them.

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