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Thread: My favourite factory

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    My favourite factory

    My favourite factory is the bouquet factory, I love seeing the bouquets being made and I have given them some extra flowers. Which is your favourite factory.

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    The bouquet factory is one of them, but I think I like the one that produces the cupcakes, key lime pie, etc. the best. Yummmm
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    I like... The Mexican factory because the animation is multi-level and cool. You have the HVAC running and Julio comes out and serves customers. It is low profile so it is easy to work in to your town without blocking out other buildings and decorations. You can treat is as a restaurant and put it anywhere, not confining it to your factory area.
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    My favorite is the down feather factory. I think the robot arms that fluff the pillows are too cute.
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    I know the Mexican factory is so cute one of my favorites also.
    Wish they would have made the others that way instead of making them so big and ugly.
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    What I like the most is the general idea, that they all (or at least many) become busy and animated (like the restaurants and shops also), when I give them something to do
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    My favourite atm is the jam factory - it’s colourful and vibrant. I like the restaurant type factories as well for the animations more than anything
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