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Shaun is black?! I saw a video lately, with (cartoonish) sheep fighting, thought it was about Shawn... white... but hm, it was so brutalinski, I got heavily sidetracked and don't remember much more, lol.

Don't know Old clocks as tale, and that's an expression not good to search Goats are not sheep, though, so what is your thought here?

baeh-baeh! (that certainly means sthg different in (onomatopoeic, wow, what a word) English and (lautmalerisch) German, lol) <waving>
Was just editing last post here and then saw your answer

In Dutch it says 'black sheep' but he looks exactly like the TS sheep. No sheep in Fairytales so I switched to Goats. Seven of them and a Wulf/Wolf....