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Thread: Task Reservation

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    Johnalex Zarco

    Task Reservation

    My coop has had a lot of issues regarding the topic of respecting reserved tasks and Ive received a little feedback into what could fix this issue, for our coop and for others.
    It would be great if Playrix would take a look at these and decide which one(s) are most feasible as these issues are really taking the fun out of playing this game for me and a few others in my coop.
    1. Everyone has their own list of tasks to choose from. It has been suggested that it would be nice if everyone had their own list of tasks to choose from that way there is no issue of others taking tasks you have spent so much time prepping for.
    2. Reserved tasks cannot be taken by anyone else but the reservee. Currently, people can still take other people's reserved tasks and when people arent willing to respect reservations, it can become a hassle to deal with this. It would be great if they made it so reserved tasks couldnt be touched by anyone but the reservee.
    3. Give Leaders the control. I know coleaders are virtually the same as the leader with only a few minor differences, but the fact that coleaders can undermine the leader's instruction by changing regatta reservation rules disturbs me a lot. I think certain coop settings should either be left entirely to the leader in general or that the leader should be allowed to select who has access to certain features such as promotion settings, task reservation settings, etc.
    4. A bigger list. We can only reserve 1 task at a time, and one problem we have run into time and time again in our coop is that the whole board of available tasks has been reserved by other players. I think the list needs to be expanded so there are tasks available for everyone and not only for those people who reserved them.
    5. Task Reservation Limits. Perhaps it might also help if you can only reserve a task if you are more than 75% complete with your current task, or that you cant reserve back to back tasks. Idk how effective this would be, but it is just a thought.

    From late 2016 to mid-2017 my coop had a task booking system and it was effective and popular. However, we ran into the issues we saw above and it came down to the only feasible way to fix all of the issues we faced was to end it. There are mixed feelings in my coop with everyone wanting to keep the task reservation feature, but also wanting to maintain the unity our coop has enjoyed for so long (2016-Present).
    Thank-you for taking the time to read and understand these pleas.

    Also note: the poll is overall for all coops. The poll was taken from our coops Facebook page.
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