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Thread: What's your Gardenscapes alter ego?

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    What's your Gardenscapes alter ego?

    Have you ever wondered which Gardenscapes character could be your best friend? We've got you covered: here is our quirky quiz that will help you define who is your secret alter ego!

    Q1. If you were suddenly teleported into the game, what would be the first thing you’d start doing?
    • A. I’d sort out the flowers and decorations.
      B. I’d find a place that needs immediate restoration!
      C. Get a cup of coffee — everything else can wait.
      D. It’s time to get a pet!
      E. There are still so many unexplored corners of the garden — it’s adventure time!

    Q2. You’ve decided to throw a party in the garden! Who or what is it for?
    • A. For all of my friends.
      B. For my one-true-love.
      C. For the successful completion of yet another area.
      D. For my lovely pet.
      E. For a scientific breakthrough.

    Q3. You think you’ve just seen a ghost in the garden! What’s your reaction?
    • A. I call my friends and family for help!
      B. I am going to fight it. Bring it on!
      C. It’s time to scream and run around in panic, I think.
      D. The best tactic in such situations is to hide.
      E. Ghosts aren’t real! There must be a scientific explanation.

    Q4. Choose your perfect weekend!
    • A. A date
      B. Hanging with my bestie
      C. Visiting my parents
      D. Couch potatoing with my pets
      E. Sports

    Q5. How would your Gardenscapes friends describe you?
    • A. Creative
      B. Determined
      C. Energetic
      D. Kind
      E. Curious

    Now let's sum it up! Add 5 points for each ‘a’ answer, 4 points for each ‘b’ answer, 3 for ‘c’, 2 for ‘d’ and 1 for ‘e’.

    5 to 7 points. You are… Jane.

    Science is all you need in life! Precision, facts, neverending research, a strong desire to make discoveries — that’s you!

    8 to 10 points. You are… Martha.

    Not a single day goes by when you’re not caring for someone — especially your fur babies!

    11 to 15 points. You are… Austin.

    That just says all! You’re polite and helpful, and you almost always end up in a funny situation. You also like meeting up with your friends, drinking tea, and playing musical instruments!

    16 to 20 points. You are… Robby.

    Your masterful hands are your greatest treasure! And, obviously, you’re incredibly positive and ready to help your friends in any situation.

    21 to 25 points. You are… Alex.

    Such a sweet nature! You have a unique perception of the world. Butterflies and flower petals flutter in your wake — and everyone absolutely adores you!

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    New Member Jeni B's Avatar
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    Oct 2017
    13 points makes me Austin

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    I scored 12. I'm like

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    New Member
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    Jan 2018
    15, a high Austin HA-HA

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    New Member
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    Sep 2018
    Pure io Austin😉

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    I'm Alex woohoo

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    16 makes me a Robby

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    Io sarei una robby!

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    Ich bin robby😀

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    I'm like Alex 😀😀

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