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Thread: Annoying New Ads

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    Annoying New Ads

    There are some new ads coming through now that are so annoying! You have to watch 3 or 4 of them and there is no way to close them until they are all done. And some of them seem like ‘tabloid’ type news stories. Please please please!!! Get ride of these! I play Fishdom with my granddaughter and I don’t want these coming on, especially with some of the pictures along the sides. Very displeased (even though I am glad I’m finally getting ads again!) But if I could, I would skip over these and not watch them - even willing to give up a diamond. If anyone has figured out how to close them, please advise!

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    This time when it happened, when the 3-4 ads finished (I got up and walked away), and clicked Finish, it played them again!!! No extra diamond. This is ridiculous! Please get rid of these ads! I refuse to watch them. It gives me a good chance to get up and walk a bit!

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    Hi! Deeply sorry to hear that you’ve encountered this issue with the game Kindly contact our Customer Support right from the game so that our agents could disable that ad for you. Thanks in advance!

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    It is good to know that an ad can be disabled.
    I will be contacting Customer Support regarding the Facebook ad I have been getting because the ad will not finish. It gets almost to the end and then simply stops. I even tried to use the download "button" but nothing happens. The button isn't even enabled. Currently I either have to leave Township or restart my kindle.
    Curious if anyone else is experiencing this problem.

    Edit: I did contact CS and am no longer receiving the Facebook ads. They responded right away, which was appreciated. After the fix the ads appeared sporadically. In fact, as of this morning I am no longer receiving ads at all. Makes me wish I hadn't said anything.
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