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    The game has bugs. My swans are swimming on grass, and their pond is next to them. My zoo one is fine, but my town one is messed up. Also, is my rocket ride supposed to spin? It doesn't, and the other decorations like it do move. We love moving and active decorations. More please. Also, can you make it where if only two people are in a co op, that they only play other groups with 2 not 3 players? Also, can a group of 2 move up to the silver and gold leagues playing other teams with the same amount of players. It doesn't seem fair if we can't compete in higher leagues just because we are tired of playing on teams that we have to babysit other players. Please email me with some answers please. Thanks and have a great day. Angela Rice
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    If you click on your broken swans (not the pond, the swans), and hit rotate, the pond will snap back. Don’t rotate it until after the next update, in which a swan pond fix has already been included.

    The rocket ride does not spin at this time, but we’re hopeful it may again in the future.

    Your regatta teams should only ever show two RACING members, even if there’s another 28 “non racing”.

    If you have a mismatched number of RACING members, you need to report this from within your game, the link for how to do so is in my signature.
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