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Thread: Are you sure you wish to delete? šŸ˜±

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    Are you sure you wish to delete? šŸ˜±

    I think there should be a pop-up box that asks you To confirm if you would like to delete this task, helicopter order, etc. There have been many times that I have accidentally deleted a helicopter order while Iā€™m trying to fill it!

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    I think you get a confirmation question when deleting (dumping) a task in the regatta.

    As for heli orders, I am with those who are against a confirmation window there, as - exactly - so many get deleted, that these double clicks would drive one mad.
    If you misclick because the buttons are too close together: there was the wish to separate them more, to avoid this. Hopefully this can be done.
    If you misclick because you are too fast: please work more slowly.

    No idea at the moment what you mean with "etc".

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    Yep! I'm with DD on this. I delete far, far more than I fulfil and they're not so precious that another one won't come along anyway.

    Some have also noted that using a stylus helps.

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