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Thread: Additional Tool for Co-op Management

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    Additional Tool for Co-op Management

    I love the co-op features of this game, generally as they allow me to play with other like-minded people who are working together to accomplish the same goals.

    One area of managing the co-op structure that's difficult (as a leader) is centered around the ability to tell whether someone's inactive or not. I get that we can see contributions to other and regatta task completion as a litmus test for inactivity, but it would be super helpful to get visibility into the last time someone logged into the game.

    At this point, I have to take screen shots of how many helicopters/planes/trains someone has sent and then wait a week or two to tell if they're truly inactive.

    If we could (as leaders or co-leaders) get visibility into a "Last Login" date or "Days since Last Login" that would be immensely helpful!

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    If they're inactive, then their help stats on the co-op building will stay at 0. These are reset at the start of every race, so you would have 6 days of data by the end of the week. I would think that this would be easier to track than planes and trains currently.
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