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Thread: Green money

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    Green money

    I have $12,500 of green cash I have nowhere to spend, and struggle to maintain enough coins. The game is too heavy now on the green cash awards and too light on the coins - please please reverse this!!

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    It would be good if we could win some of both currencies.

    Also it would be great if new decorations were unlocked so we could spend the garden cash...

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    I have over $13,000 in green cash. I don't care about re-decorating areas I have already completed. I would rather get some other prize than the green cash.
    It would be nice if people who do not want to use the the decor catalog could use the green cash to buy other rewards. I lost a lot of love for the game when the green cash and decor catalog was implemented. I play the game to relax. Not get annoyed every time I get green cash as a reward (knowing I can't do anything with it).
    PLEASE, PLEASE change or get rid of the whole thing.

    Level 1,424

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    Now over $17K in green cash, and nothing to spend it on. Please please let us exchange some for coins!!

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    I concur with others that this green cash is a problem and insulting to players. Playing for Gardenscapes garden decor green cash is the equivalent of falling for the carnival clown's "step right up" midway call only to empty your pockets and make you the fool. Earning "cash" to shop an empty catalog has sullied this game. And yes, I've completed decorating the two areas offered and now sit on 20K in funny money.

    Just so disappointed in Playrix's fall to the level of a Coney Island Carnival Clown. Sad.

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    Now they listened to the complainers. The basic level of the bonsai doesn't give out any prize anymore and the hard levels only give 20 instead of 40 cash. Oh well. Downgrade.

    Better solutions: fill the catalogue with fun stuff to buy and bring back coin rewards for those who miss those.

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