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    Quote Originally Posted by Meesh View Post
    I share this wish too - I can manage to recall 3 towns that I like to revisit ( not stalking honest ) but that’s probably my brains limit. It’s a shame we can’t link from the forum straight to the towns lol
    You are doing better than me Meesh, I have a memory like a sieve, haha.

    Quote Originally Posted by Virginia_Gardens View Post
    Downtown I really wish we could see all the towns we have liked in one list so we can go back and look again often times I’ll find these amazing gems just by peaking at my competitors towns in the events, and have no way of going back and finding them again unless I actively write down their town name and co-op. Let’s be honest ain’t nobody got time for that! Lmao but it would be nice to have a list.
    Totally with you there Virginia it would be great to keep a list. I don't think playrix would let us save towns, but even if we could save a list of co-ops that our favourite towns were in that would be so useful

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    Yes at least in a standard written form of these are all the towns you’ve liked and you could click the town name and revisit, it would have to be at in-depth as the friends lost with the picture and everything more like when you do a co-op search.
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    I adore the Nessies and hope you'll bring them back, soon! Love seeing them in my town and zoo; they have full run of both places 💜☺. #CanNeverHaveTooMany lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisa l. Cross View Post
    .. ��☺. #canneverhavetoomany lol

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    Lisa, Regatta Season get repeated from this week on so there is a pretty good chance youcanevergettomany
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