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    There should be a night mode in township game where street lights should be provided which will glow when the night falls. It's an amazing game. But the idea of day all the time is not good.there should be dark and starry nights i.e moon n stars and street lights.

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    Hi, this has already been ruled out by the devs. You can see the full list here
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    For night mode,seasonal change,street light,traffic signs

    Hey,I have already read the list where it is mentioned what can't be changed in the game.but please try to consider this please..this game is amazing,it gives feelings like living into he town itself..i just love it more than any game ever..but please do something about night mode seasonal changes street lights and traffic signs..there can be a update of the software..try it..the game will be more lovable and liveable..

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    Can't there be an update to the software providing the facilities

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    Saugat panda, there really is no point repeating yourself, particularly when Playrix have already ruled something out. If they say they can't or won't do it, you'll just have to take their word for it.

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    Bessville, can they please repeat themselves? I am sure the 15th or 16th time will change the devs opinions!
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2crazy4u View Post
    Bessville, can they please repeat themselves? I am sure the 15th or 16th time will change the devs opinions!
    Interesting comeback you're giving here, Bob.

    I'd agree with Bess that rather not, please. That's why one makes such lists, not to bore ppl with repeating "impossible" things and waste time on this. It's most probably not an "opinion" only either, but as they explained, tech obstacles (or game balance).
    And there's enough more fun stuff to wish for. Which might even happen.
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