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Thread: How to Transfer Your Progress to a New Device

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    How to Transfer Your Progress to a New Device

    Hey, Townshippers! ✨

    Here are simple steps that will help you continue the game if you decide to change your device:

    1. Connect your progress to one of the social networks supported by the game;
    2. Install the latest version of Township on your new device;
    3. Open the game and finish the tutorial;
    4. Go to the Settings and connect the new game to your account;
    5. Select your old town in the pop-up window;
    6. Type CONFIRM to finish and play the game!

    Happy gaming!

    Please note, there are 4 Township Platforms and they aren't cross-compatible:
    Township Mobile for iOS/Android/Kindle
    Township Mobile for Windows Phone and Township for Windows 10 (PC)
    Township for MAC
    Township Facebook (i.e. the separate, now unsupported, game hosted on Facebook)
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