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Wait till you get to the coconuts! I'm at the limit as far as the number of levels (4216) to play, but in the last dozen or more levels there's the coconuts you have to get rid of. And it ain't easy! You have to have rockets or bombs to either open them or clear them off the field. Making matches next to them doesn't work, but that's how they described them. I'm going to have to drop them a line to let them know they need to change their description as it's a bit misleading.
I don’t think I’ll make it that far. I’m on 2414 and I just had 2 hours of lives. I just spent the last HOUR on this level and still haven’t won. It REFUSED to let me win. So how do you play against that?? I just spent the last hour of my life completely frustrated. I wasn’t having fun.

I must be stupid to be wasting my life on this game.