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Thread: 19.12 Christmas Event

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    19.12 Christmas Event

    Hey there!

    Do you guys prefer giving or receiving gifts? I'd say BOTH! The new event is a perfect mix of giving and receiving!

    Township invites you to become Santa's helper for the event. Fill children's orders to win special winter decorations and useful bonuses, and complete all five personal goals to get the main Christmas present. Enjoy the event!

    Good luck,

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    I love the fact that some boosters are included with the decoration prizes again
    Great event again.
    Merry Christmas!

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    The "bonus" prizes are a very nice touch and I am glad to see them included. That said, this "style" of event has proven unsuccessful a few times in the past, with the Global Goal not being reached. The reason? It is boring. Players contribute until they get their desired prizes and then turn their back on it. You cannot earn coins, only XP. You don't have extra gifts to share with friends. There really is no "play" involved in it - just filling orders (and not much variety there either, the same items requested over and over).

    Beautiful graphics as always, but a total dud to play.
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    I love filling in orders so I love this kind of game. We haven't any small children in our immediate family - yet! So I really like the idea of giving presents out to my Town's children. It brings back many memories

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    I'm sorry but no Event for Windows Mobile's player???

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    Love the event! Finished my personal event and have all the prizes. Lovett he boosters and additional gifts alone with the Christmas decorations When will we get the Christmas town sign offer?

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    I've got all prizes and can't decide is it worth playing further for chests - if chests have nothing but bricks and hinges, as usual

    In general, love the event though it's my first winter in the town so had to buy snowmen and ice angels and Santa's house and... Well, one can't have everything at once

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    Loved the event and I'm still filling orders as available. Have to say wow with the starry night and the northern lights. I wish there was a way to incorporate that screen behind our township mountains for the season.
    Thanks for the fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Faye View Post
    I've got all prizes and can't decide is it worth playing further for chests - if chests have nothing but bricks and hinges, as usual
    Hi Faye

    It is the usual pick one out of three chests : 1 T-cash, 3 T-cash, 1 tool/material for barn/building/zoo. I am usually quite lucky. Out of 8 chests, I pick 5 with T-cash and one with a hammer. Only 2 not so good: brick and shear.
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    Hi Graylady
    Thanks for the answer

    My luck avoids gambling so maybe I will make a good use of free helicopter booster instead

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