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Thread: Ideas for inter seasonal raceing

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    Ideas for inter seasonal raceing

    I need some ideas for inter seasonal racing my coop hates it. Want to try to make things easier for people to find task. There are times when we come to get a task and the the cheats are full and you can’t do anything and than one does come available you have to be quick to grab it. We are a big coop so it make it really hard. We have 27 people and they are from all over we have some from India the us England. Any ideas would help

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    I have a crazy idea that you might find useful or maybe not.......

    You can break your team into smaller fractions (new coops temporarily), each with maybe 4 to 6 members, just for the inter-seasonal regatta!
    After inter-seasonal regatta and before regular regatta, your teammates can return to your original coop and resume the regular race again!

    Ask those people who really like to do the inter-seasonal regatta to join you in your new smaller coop and gather the personal and team rewards.

    Make sure you know how to get back to your original coop and ask your leader/co-leader to accept you back before you leave.

    In a smaller coop, such as 2 members team like mine, you only need 33 tasks to get all five team rewards, and you can choose all 9 precious chests to complete. For different racers you can check this forum for the number of tasks needed for all team rewards.

    Just a suggestion. Maybe you can organize such feat next time............There's less than 4 days left for this one.......

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    Have you tried mandating a 1 task per chest per person rule? There would probably still be some waiting, but maybe not as long.
    Good luck!

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    IMO, the more racers in interseasonal regatta the more easy it gets to collect all rewards and chests.
    Since, there can be only 2 red chest(6 tasks). 6 racers doing it together in less than10 hours. While the rest could go for the team rewards. This way all racers can get all 9 red chests with 5 team reward's
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    Here's my problem with Interseasonal. I spend lots of time researching, gathering information & taking away from my playing time to write rules & suggestions to improve the results for each one of my coop members. The first day of racing starts & it's a task grab. I have tried the suggestions above and many more but my coop just ignores it. It's perplexing to me because they are an awesome team & follow regular season rules but something takes over during Interseasonal & I don't know what that is. So, I give up, I'm just letting them do what they want & they will just have to wait for tasks. Good Luck

    PS I've read other coops have has success with suggestions above.

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