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Thread: Interseasonal Glitch ?

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    Interseasonal Glitch ?

    Our interseasonal regatta screen shows we have won Zero chests, but we have won several chests, is this a glitch? The player stats screen show members have won chests it doesn’t make sense to me. I’ll add two screen shots ..... if I can work out how to load a screen shot!

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    U will find how to post screenshot here

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    Are you talking about combined coop goals, where the bar increases and shows the total number of tasks done by the group so far, or individuals' personal goal chests that show only to them? If it's the latter, were all three components of the chests completed yet? The personal chests don't appear unless/until they're finished. If it's the former, that number should rise by one every time a task is finished, regardless of the rest of that chest being done or not.

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