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Thread: Fun with the Reliable Wings IV Achievement: Does anyone else do this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    Nope, I most definitely don't do that, lol. My current tally is 23. I'm very proud
    Hahaha, Bessville! I should consider doing this, mostly for my sanity. Trying to keep a streak alive is a bit stress-inducing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    What can I say? I get resentful when the tiny airplane just arrives uninvited and demands my stuff, lol. Apparently this resentment has always bubbled over into a petulant micro-huff in under a week, lol.
    LOL. Yep ... the airplane that arrived just asked me for waaaaayyy too much corn. I ended up obliging somehow, even though my barn was full to bursting. Trying to hold onto all building materials for now, due to about to hit level 60.

    Quote Originally Posted by kitty4715 View Post
    Just an FYI, I have read here on the forum that you can send an EMPTY plane and still maintain your streak without the count reseting in the Reliable Wings achievement. It only restarts if you send away a partially filled plane. I have never experienced this so I truly can't confirm that that's correct, but I know I've read it here from reliable sources. Give me a minute and I'll try to find one and link to it....

    Edit: Here's a thread mentioning sending empty planes and the achievement (with DD and Graylady as the trusted sources). Personally, it irks me a tiny bit that people can send empty planes and maintain their streak....feels like cheating! LOL
    Somehow I missed this before! If this is true, then maybe I can sometimes send away a plane without penalty? It has become a bit of a pressure cooker, even though I usually only do one plane a day. I would hope to maintain my streak, but occasionally I hold onto a plane for many hours, and send it off at the last minute, but sometimes the next plane arrives before I am ready for it. This doesn't happen often, but it has happened, and in those cases, it might be helpful to be able to send an empty plane away.

    Some of you guys have sent loads of planes! Graylady with 3373 and cdosr with 2671 ... kitty with 1137, barbguinn with 1368!

    Quote Originally Posted by Graylady View Post
    Sending a partly filled plane would have reset your progress. Sending an empty plane did not. It is not mentioned anywhere but is a rule we learned by experience.

    Having send 10 fully loaded planes followed by a partially filled one would have reset your number to zero. You would need to send 15 new fully loaded planes for the achievement.

    Instead of sending the plane partially filled, sending it back empty, you would have kept your 10 planes progress and needed only 5 mores for the achievement.

    I just read Graylady's response in that other thread, kitty, (quoted above) and indeed it does look like we can send away empty planes without penalty! Hopefully that is still the case.
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    Once I reached the achievement I stopped with trying to fill planes consecutively. Maybe because I did it when I was at a much lower level (30+?) so I felt it was quite a struggle. Plus I am not part of a co-op so can't request more help. At one point I nearly caved and used T-cash to fill crates, but someone managed to help me in time.

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