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Thread: Helicopter character to buy & sell building parts

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    Helicopter character to buy & sell building parts

    I know a lot of players are frustrated with not having the right construction equipment to finish their buildings (and way too much inventory of useless supply), and I know adding a new market just for building supplies is on the no-go list right now. But what about a character in the helicopter tasks who asks for building supplies in exchange for more rare or more useful ones (like barn-expansion supplies, materials for the zoo, etc.)?

    She would act just like the gem dealer (who I NEVER SEE ANYMORE BTW), and just ask for like, 5 slabs and 8 pieces of glass in exchange for 2 hammers and XP. Would that work?

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    I can't speak for Playrix, of course, but I'd doubt it. I suspect the reason they said no is nothing to do with where these materials would come from specifically, rather that they would come at all. It must have taken some pretty complicated math to set up the materials coming as sensibly (if slowly) as they do, so I'm not convinced they'd want to introduce new and very variable mechanics to that. But I'd love my expectation of it being a problem to be proved wrong!

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