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Thread: 16.09 Spot The Differences

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    16.09 Spot The Differences

    Hey guys!

    Here is the second round of Spot the Differences! Find at least 10 differences in the two pictures (links to the pictures are attached below), and post your answer below in this thread! Every user who gives the correct answer (posted in this thread) within 24 hours has a chance to win 200 Township cash! We will have only 1 lucky winner and he/she will be contacted via a private message.

    NOTE: Please do not post your answers on Facebook or here on the Forum outside this thread.

    Have fun!

    Link to Picture 1:

    Link to Picture 2:

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    Lisa Young
    The picture links are broken.

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    Darlene Smith Mahaffey
    how do I do this: 16.09 Spot the Differences - September

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    Zana Zainudin

    pic missing

    No pics? Where is it?

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    Brandy Spitfire Clowdus
    Yea the pic's are missing.

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    Margot J. Leviton
    Where are the pictures?

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    Fadhel Ihsan
    no picture in there

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    Phyllis Campbell
    The cow with the nose ring is different

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    Haydie Vilella
    Their is no pictures

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    Where is the picture so I can Spot the Difference?

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