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Thread: Reservation Woes

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    The 'mass messaging' really doesn't work. First, they'd have to read them, secondly there's not enough space in them to actually explain much of anything.

    Thanks Nevada, but it's not reserving them that's the problem, but taking tasks that have been.

    For the meantime - I've decided to babysit the main task window. I'm just going to dump any, and all, item specific tasks (regardless of their point value) just to keep the peace. I'd hate to loose my good players because of a few unknowing new players, or because of the drama the issue has been causing. And, yeah, I'd be miffed too if I made reservations at a restaurant, only to arrive and find my table was taken by someone who just walked in.
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    We are also experiencing issues with reservations in our co-op but I believe there may be a glitch at work. There was at least one instance where a member did not see the reservation '!' and did not get the reservation cancellation pop up.

    We're going to do some testing/experimenting to see if we can figure out why it's happening.

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    Thank you Zed! Yeah, I did some experimenting as well, by accident, but found that it seems to be with item-specific tasks. Please let me know what, if anything, you find.

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    After two weeks of reserved tasks basically disappearing (a few were actually taken by others) it seems to have stopped... for now. I'm happy to say that things in our co-op have returned to normal, but I've not dropped my guard yet. Yes, it is easier for my to believe that the entire problem was caused by something like that, considering the group of people that makes up our team. However, what I said about reserving tasks and new players still stands … we need a little more control, or options, in dealing with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giant Llama Fuzz View Post
    I've also noticed too, being an Open Co-op, we get players that have been kicked out of other co-ops, and don't know the reason behind their dismissals. I imagine this is due to the inability of being able to have a direct conversation with them in the game chat... never mind the issue that they can't read the chat after they have been kicked out. Now, I say, "direct conversation", because unless you catch them both signed-on and reading the game chat, your chances are slim-to-none of actually talking to them in a more personal manner. So, I'm will be left with the only option available of kicking out a player and leaving them clueless as to why.
    The pop-up window you get when you kick someone that says, "SoandSo has kicked you out of Our Co-op", can be edited, so at least the player in question knows why, if you want them to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kesstrel Fitz View Post
    The pop-up window you get when you kick someone that says, "SoandSo has kicked you out of Our Co-op", can be edited, so at least the player in question knows why, if you want them to.
    Good point, Kesstrel, a lot of people don't realise you can do that..

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    Thanks Kesstrel Fitz, I totally forgot about that message window.

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    Well, on a Windows platform you can't mark a reserve. For the longest time I had my coop at first come first server, Now we are trying reserve, we call it and I have my members remind others every 2-3 hrs. And you can reserve on Factories and Boats_Islands tasks (only). Everything else is open season. Right now, we are trying this for a month or so to see how it goes. I've just started this a couple of days ago.

    And for rules, I got tired of repeating myself all the time when new players joined, so I created a rules blog. A whole lot easier. And the url is in the description's in the coop building. And if they don't read them, it is their fault for being kicked out for rule breaking.

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    I agree with you about repeating one's self. I too have added a post to our co-op's page for new comers. Good luck with your reservation woes, I know that's not the easiest thing to deal with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alienmenace View Post
    Well, on a Windows platform you can't mark a reserve.
    Holy Moly am I glad I found your post.

    We are a new coop, and I have been looking high and low for the reservation option. First, I thought it was because it was in between races and you could not do so before the next began (for reasons unknown but it could still be a possibility). Then I thought maybe Interseason's were handled differently so no reserves but then was reading about Interseason reserves and felt more of an idiot that I still hadn't found where to change the option. Then I thought I must just be looking in the wrong place somehow. So back to the forums I came, and found your beacon of guidance.

    I have been going bananas since the Interseason started, and although your post has saddened me to a degree because I now know it's not an option for us, your post has overall given me peace of mind that I am not an idiot because--it's just not there!

    So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly was starting to question my sanity.

    FWIW, I also want to point out there's no mention of the fact that Windows folks are denied this option on the wikia , (nor in the otherwise extremely helpful unofficial Leader Co-op Handbook).

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